b. 1991

Adam Farah is an artist, sauce-maker and bootleg archivist born & raised in London, England. They are also a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer Rising. After graduating from a BA (Hons) in Drawing they spent three-years on Job Seekers and Universal Credit, whilst roaming the streets of London trying to catch up with their desires. During this time they continued to bear witness to its rapid gentrification/mutations and how their communities navigate and adapt - socially, emotionally, creatively and practically. 

There is an underlying natural reaction within their creative endeavours, to counteract the coldness and sterility that permeated the context of their art school experience in the 2010’s – at the height of the post-internet art moment; typified by reductive and uncritical forms of irony. A ‘coldness’ which may find its roots in the colonial legacies that permeate much of the Western art canon and it’s ever-present influence on aesthetic and critical practices. Therefore, through the use of any medium, be it moving image, sculpture, poppers, peppers, iPods, walking, cruising, microdosing – Farah’s work may speak to seemingly disparate contexts - from their parents’ relationship to the impact of Mariah Carey on their thinking, to the influence of specific technological devices on their adolescence. Ultimately though, it’s a call out, for human connection - through vulnerability, reminiscing/reflecting, spiritual criticality – something like that. 

They also practice under/within the name free.yard – a project set up to engage with and merge curatorial, research, artistic and equitable communal practices; with a focus on the ever expansive and nuanced creative endeavours/potentials that emerge from endz. free.yard casts a side-eye onto the oppressive and supremacist structures upheld within the complacent and performative liberal bubbles of the artworld/s, and in the long term desires to create collaborative moments for artists to connect, manifest and exhale under such weight.

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