free.yard Sauces X London's Kitchen

Fiery Ginger Hot Sauce produced for the project London's Kitchen by Panel.

"I have developed an original hot sauce recipe that is packaged within a specially commissioned limited edition packaging design, created by London born ‘n’ raised artist Abbas Zahedi.

I love hot sauces and well seasoned food and want to share the joy and pleasure that comes from that.

This recipe is a Fiery Ginger Hot Sauce. Inspired by summers growing up in the cultural melting pot of my hometown London, it features a vibrant and unique taste profile showcasing fresh fiery ginger mixed with scotch bonnet peppers and a blend of spices including turmeric and thyme. This recipe has been developed in collaboration with the dedicated and passionate team at the West London Food Innovation Centre.

Behind the creation of this product is a longer term underlying desire to start a sustainable sauce company — free.yard Sauces which would allow me to further develop and create more tasty and innovative condiments whilst collaborating with other cooks and creatives in the process — all with the aim of producing funds and opportunities to pump back into my communities. I am thinking about the longer-term legacies that might be activated through these kinds of commissioned projects, which have their own particular driving forces and investments, whilst I also have mine, of which I try to embed into my creative practice in honest, challenging and experimental ways."

Images © Angus Mill

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