MEDICATED SUMMERS / BENEFITS TRAP / ENDS PORTALS is a two-part momentational* sequence consisting of a short video and an image dump PDF file, commissioned by and for Full artwork can be found here.

Sertraline, DWP, PSP, N22, P2P, Angels with Dirty Faces. Something about survival(s) and diasporic time warping and urban pilgrimage. Can you feel the thickness of the dry summer air pushing against your skin, slowing…you……down. That endz haze, you know. We talked about excess and sincerity aka secondary school aka the purest realm of creativity, and the fascisms and white supremacy of the post-internet art ‘movement’/scene. But this ting has nothing to do with the latter. It’s really an ode and a purging of kinds.

*A momentation is a pronounced dwelling on the ephemeral – influenced my Mariah Carey’s queer disidentificatory theorisations of THE MOMENT.’

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