TRYING NOT TO BE MY DAD OR MY MUM TBH (The iPod Chronicles Sincerity Survival Mix) is a sound installation and extension of a previous work titled ADULTS NEVER KEEP PROMISES / FRESH HITS 1997 (NW9 EXTENDED MIX), conceived for collective listening of the 5 albums on view in the accompanying exhibition 'WHAT I'VE LEARNED FROM YOU AND MYSELF'. The installation was originally installed in Gallery 3 at Camden Art Centre within the context of the public programme One in the Other.

Materials: Wooden Shoe Cabinets, Various Soft Drink Bottles, Surface Vibrator Speakers, Speaker Wire, Amplifier, iPod Classic 5th Gen with iFlash Mod, Plinth.


Mariah Carey, Butterfly (Colombia Records, 1997)

Whitney Houston, My Love is Your Love (Arista Records LLC, 1998)

Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope (Black Doll Inc. and Virgin Records America, 1997)

Madonna, Ray of Light (Warner Records Inc. 1998)

Sugababes, One Touch (London Music Stream Ltd., 2000)

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